Writer Neil Lamb advises that Von Buhl wines are “not to be missed.”

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This month Neil Fairlamb encounters the best of Germany 2010 

“Germany`s top dry wines are perhaps the biggest single group of quality wines under-appreciated in Britain.”

“At a  London tasting presented by World Wine Agencies (Bath) Ltd the four von Buhl GG wines of 2010 were shown with the 2009 equivalents, an exciting and total contrast.”

“What also emerged from this Harrods tasting of von Buhl was the exciting quality of the sweet Riesling wines from this 2010 vintage.”

Extraordinary, a privilege to taste.”

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Gabby Savage from Drinks Business reviews Von Buhl tasting

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Gabriel Savage for the drinks Business writes “ German producers must do more to ensure consumers can encounter mature examples of their wines, according to Christophe Graf, sales manager for Reichsrat von Buhl.”

Speaking at an event to show off the Pfalz estate’s 2010 vintage, a year widely characterised in Germany by high acidity and concentration levels suited to long ageing, Graf remarked: “Estates have to work more seriously on releasing older stock into the market.”

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Von Buhl Trip 2012

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Indies look for strength in numbers

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Indies look for strength in numbers

On a recent buyers’ trip, World Wine Agencies floated the idea of a joint business plan among indies, as Laura Heywood reports;

One of the greatest assets of an independent retailer is their lack of corporate control. They can do what they want, when they want, in any way they please. But this can also be both a blessing and a curse, as indie wine merchant Douglas Wood, owner of WoodWinters, explains: “A lot of wine businesses that are small independents are created by people with a passion for the product and a degree of entrepreneurial flair. This is why we end up with such diverse and  interesting businesses across the UK. On the other side, it does mean that we are not polished corporates .” Step onto the scene World Wine Agencies – the Bathbased supplier which is determined to help independents inject some corporate thinking into their strategies for the future with the creation of a joint business plan.

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