Washington State: Powers Winery & Badger Mountain

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Washington State is a diverse wine region. They cultivate great wines from Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and many other classic grape varieties. That diversity extends beyond the bottle, too. Washington is a mosaic of landscapes extending from evergreen coasts and snow-capped mountains to a vast sagebrush desert where the sun shines across more than 300 days each year.

Diversity is also part of their culture. The Washington wine industry is a collection of creative people drawn from many different backgrounds and from several countries around the world.
A map of the wine regions of WashingtonAlongside that complexity, Washington State’s wine country is also a very genuine place. Their grape growers and winemakers live and work in small towns where restored old homes, beautiful barns, and converted mills truly reflect the modern American west. These communities are among the most easily approachable in the wine world. The person you see walking through the vineyard in jeans, or driving a forklift through the winery, or behind the tasting room counter is often the owner.

Their wines reflect authenticity: rare natural conditions there permit the cultivation of classic varieties without the common, manipulative practice of vine grafting or the intensive use of chemicals. So they harvest the purest expression possible for every wine.

Washington State is also keenly ambitious. As the home of global giants Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon.com, Costco and many others, it’s not hard to appreciate that their wine industry also reflects tremendous vision and drive. Their pioneering growers and winemakers broke ground in a vast, wild territory where conventional wisdom said they could not. And they have expanded that work to create America’s second-largest wine region, with more than 32,000 acres (12,950 hectares) of vines across 11 official appellations (or AVAs) and 610 wineries.

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