Chile: Travesia Winery

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The wine regions of ChileChile produces 8.277.460 hectolitres of wine annually and forecast steady growth in production as world sales are buoyant and growing in all major markets (UK is Chile No 1 market).

Plantings are growing steadily too, but in a controlled way – the examples of Australia and NZ’s too rapid vine plantings growth are lessons to ensure Chile can avoid boom/bust surpluses etc. Merlot will decrease in significance, and Syrah is the main ‘one to watch’. Cab Sauv will still dominate red plantings, but Carmenère is starting to ‘come into its own’. Pinot Noir is exciting in the cool/coastal areas such as Casablanca.

According to Michael Cox, UK Director Wines of Chile: “An increasing number of people are now aware of Chile’s wonderfully natural environment and its different wine regions. It is this diversity of place and terroir that is giving Chile a greater level of complexity and maturity. The price/quality ratio has never been better and the tectonic plates of the world of wine are shifting inexorably. Chile, no stranger to seismic activity, is now a more imposing feature on the wine map – and the best is yet to come”

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