Argentina: La Chamiza

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The dramatic skyline of Mendoza dresses the vineyards beautifully

Look out for Malbec in the short-term, it’s coming like a runaway freight train! Look out too for Torrontés, Argentina’s unique white variety, now being made in fresh, tropical, delicious style that consumers seem to love when they taste it! Argentina are master blenders (even most of the single varietal wines are blends from different regions) and they are now beginning to be recognized for their greatness.

Pinot Noir from Patagonia is becoming increasingly fine as the vines get older with each passing year and now at last Argentina’s third unique variety, Bonarda, is the dark horse for the future. Begin to look out for deep purple coloured, intense, fresh and spicy reds and zippy, juicy, bright rosés as we move into the next decade. Cabernets Sauvignon and Franc, in the last two vintages are amazing – the sky’s the limit over the next few years for these two!

The wine regions of ArgentinaJames Forbes, from Wines of Argentina is positively bursting about the future for Argentina: “Argentina globally is the fastest growing wine exporting country on the planet! Why? Well a revolution has taken place in the Argentine wine. The pace of change that has turned a predominantly domestic industry into a modern, dynamic and innovative export phenomenon is without precedent. Spearheaded by Malbec, predominantly from the big guns of Mendoza, Argentina has blasted a hole through which wines from the far north to the far south, in all colours, styles and price-points, from over a hundred different grape varieties, have stormed the fortresses of export markets around the globe”

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